10/25-26 Bridge School Benefit Concert Shoreline Shuttle

We will be providing shuttle to and from San Antonio Caltrain station for concerts at Shoreline Amphitheatre. After the concert, the shuttle will drop off at Peninsula Caltrain stations and San Francisco for $12 to $18 per person. Every rider on our long distance post-event trips will receive a free bottled water.

Click here, read and print out this map for direction to shuttle boarding location after the show.

When coming from San Francisco, take Caltrain from San Francisco to San Antonio Station (not Mountain View station). For some events we also pick up at Redwood City Caltrain to connect with Baby Bullet trains from San Francisco. You can also take BART to Millbrae and transfer to Caltrain to San Antonio. Many weekday trains do not stop at San Antonio so check the train schedule (click here) for trains that stop at San Antonio. For pre-paid riders, your receipt from Paypal is your ticket and you may print it out or display it on your phone to the driver. After you click a purchase button. The shopping cart with your selection will appear below this table.

10/25 Saturday
10/26 Sunday
San Antonio Caltrain (next to the southbound track) by Bike Share Kiosk 3:30pm, 4:30pm, 5:30pm
1:30pm, 2:30pm, 3:30pm
Prepaid riders receive boarding priority. Shuttle will wait for late trains. All trips subject to delay of up to 10 minutes.
At the end of the show, shuttle will pick up at a bus stop about 300 feet south of Shoreline and Charleston (See map and directions here) and can drop off riders at Mountain View, San Antonio and at all Caltrain stations (or nearby) between Redwood City and San Francisco. At your door drop off is available anywhere in San Francisco.
Reservation is required for shuttle service after the show.

FARE No ride after show Ride to Caltrain after show Ride to Redwood City-Millbrae after show Ride to San Bruno-SF after show
No ride before show $4 cash only $13 $18
Shuttle from Caltrain before show $4 $8 $16 $21

General information

If your selection is not available, that means the seats for that trip for that day are no longer available. Standbys spaces may be available for the same trip but must be paid by cash at the time of the ride.

After you prepay, click here, read and print out this map for direction to shuttle boarding location after the show. No refunds will be provided if you miss the shuttle because you didn’t read this.

For the end of show service to Peninsula and SF, we wait until riders have a chance to board the shuttle when the show is completely over. We do not leave early under any circumstance except for riders that need to get drop off at Mountain View or San Antonio Caltrain station (and then we will get back to Shoreline to pick up the rest). We do not have a set time for departure. If you choose to leave the show early, you are expected to wait until the show is completely over and other riders can walk to the shuttle from the amphitheatre.

While 11pm is generally the end time of most concerts at Shoreline, some concerts may continue past 11pm. We expect to wait no longer than 30 minutes after the show. If you need more time to get to the shuttle stop or need direction please call.

If you stay until the end for most of the show, it is NOT possible to connect with the last northbound Caltrain to San Francisco. For some shows (generally all day festivals), we will run shuttle before the end of the show to connect with northbound trains. Those shuttle will pick up at the ticket office where we drop you off.

We generally take 101 to get to San Francisco. If your SF destination is on the west side (like Sunset or Richmond), please tell driver before we depart Shoreline. We may consider adjusting the route (such as taking the 280) or ride on a different vehicle to shorten the trip but it is not guaranteed. For some shows (generally shows that end by 11pm or after and with sufficient ridership), we may provide drop off in the Oakland/Berkeley area. Please pre-pay for the trip to SF online and pay the driver $5 extra per person. You must notify the driver that you plan to ride to the East Bay when boarding the shuttle at Shoreline. We may not provide that service if it is possible to connect with BART before the service ends at Millbrae or SF. Paypal and other major credit cards accepted.