link: COVID-19 emergency plan

Rhythm Shuttle was started to facilitate social gatherings. This crisis, which calls for social distancing (an antithesis), is direct threat to this business as well as many others in the passenger transportation business, entertainment, and hospitality industries.

While in March we would prepare for the summer season, we don’t know when or how this crisis will end, and whether people would go and enjoy shows again when it ends.

All forms of passenger transportation has taken a hit, whether it is airlines, shuttles, or even public transportation. Caltrain (which we provided connection from train to Shoreline) for example had a 90% ridership drop.

However in this difficult period we always step up to the challenge. Back in 2003 during the BART strike we ran shuttle between Oakland and San Francisco continuously. This time is different.

Instead of taking human passengers, our passengers are packages. We have a vehicle that is well designed to operate as a delivery van. Companies like Amazon are facing higher demand for deliveries. We are part of the growing system of passenger transportation drivers doing deliveries to make sure people getting their products on time, making their stay-at-home period less stressful and more manageable.

You may see the Rhythm Shuttle van traveling in your neck of the woods. For the last several months, the van has drop off packages in almost every district in San Francisco, from the Tenderloin to the Sea Cliff, and almost every city on the Peninsula from Daly City to Menlo Park.

We hope to get over this difficult time soon, and welcome you back as customers.