Drop off policy

To help everyone get home sooner, we have set the following rules:

  1. Peninsula drop off is limited to areas between the 101 freeway and El Camino Real, and includes all Caltrain stations, along with BART stations in Millbrae and San Bruno. If you do need to get dropped off beyond the designated areas, you need to contact us before you prepay for the ride.
  2. We do not drop off at SFO.
  3. We are able to drop off in most neighborhoods in San Francisco. However, because of one way streets and limitations on turns (our shuttle is more nimble than Muni, but not as nimble as a taxi) at various locations, the driver has the discretion to drop you off up to two blocks from your exact location.
  4. Requests to drop off at exact spot in San Francisco is subject to a $5 surcharge. Charter rides, parties of 4 or more, riders with transit connection, riders with disabilities, riders with baggage, and the last person to drop off are exempted from this surcharge.
  5. We do not operate on alleys, dead end roads, or extremely steep streets.
  6. On busy streets, we drop off at locations where we can safely pull over away from traffic and not block Muni operations.

If your location is “walkable,” you are welcome to give suggestions to the driver that you can be dropped off at a more flexible location. For example, if the shuttle is traveling northbound, and your location is Hyde and O’Farrell, we may drop you off on Geary and Hyde, or Leavenworth and O’Farrell instead (all one block from your location).

We always try to set drop off orders that is efficient and reduce overall travel time. For events that have more than one vehicle, we try to group riders together with similar drop off locations to cut down travel time. For many reasons, we cannot guarantee that someone will be the first drop off. This policy is created so we can get through the city quicker. Thank you for your cooperation.